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Title | 'Dimitri's Tale' 2018

Medium | Spray Paint / Canvas Artwork 


A first hand perspective into the psychedelic experience. 

The hands represent you the viewer, immersed in the unfolding of the experience bringing you to the edge of the minds power to imagine and reinvent. Scattered with influences from Ayjay's life, this piece aims to convey the energetic experience felt beyond the veil of conventional reality. 

'Dimitri's Tale' 2018 | Canvas Artwork

  • Artwork Dimensions – 1200mm x 3900mm 


    • Hand painted and signed by Ayjay

    • 3 Premium Quality Canvases
    • Ready to hang
  • To ensure your artwork arrives safely, we can organise delivery if you are unable to pick it up. Please note due to the size of this piece delivery will be calculated seperatly depending on the location of the drop off.

    For more info please email -

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