Title | 'Divine Intervention' 
Size | 13cm x 13cm 


100% of sticker sales are donated to the Rural Fire Service in their effort to restore hope to the communities battling and affected by the devastating bushfires across Australia.


'Divine Intervention'


We need a miracle at the hands of mother nature to disperse rainfall across our fire affected areas and by doing so stopping further deaths of our people, plants and animals.


The eye in the middle of the artwork suggests the vision of nature coming to the rescue of its people, plants and animals. The flames you can see are covered by an ocean of water needed to stop the destructive force of the Australian bushfires. 


Thank you for your love and support, Australia really needs it. 

'Divine Intervention' - RFS Aid Sticker

  • Dimensions – 13cm x 13cm


    • 100% Donated to RFS
    • Full Colour, High Quality Holographic Vinyl
    • Die Cut, Waterproof & UV Resistant
    • Suitable for use indoor or outdoor
  • To ensure your artwork arrives safely, we take extra precautions so that your your artwork arrives in perfect condition.

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