Title | Spirit Molecule

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  • 25cm x 21cm
  • 50cm x 59cm 
  • 75cm x 65cm - Framed & Signed // Limted Edition (SOLD OUT)


Ayjay's Lenticular prints are produced using a technology in which a lenticular lens creats the ability for the artwork to change colours when the image is viewed from different angles.


I’ll never forget that night. An experience that left me nothing short of speechless.

The origin of everything. A space filled with an undeniable knowing. An intelligence far beyond all comprehension. There was nowhere I needed to be except right there. First came confusion then, I let go...

Nothing but pure love, a spiritual dance that revealed the true beauty of existence and what it means to be alive. The everything of nothingness.

Impossible to explain. A beautiful experience hidden in the shadows of the world. You can’t find it, it has a way of finding you.


Get your hands on this complete set of psychedelic eye candy. 


Spirit Molecule / DMT - Lenticular Print

Print Size
    • Colour Changing Artwork
    • 3 Artwork Sizes Available
    • Ready to frame
  • We invest in the way products are shipped to make sure your artwork arrives on time and damage free. 

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