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"Inspired by psychedelic experiences, I work as an artist to communicate the divine truth beyond the veil and reveal my insights with clarity"

Australian-born artist Ayjay is a self-taught psychedelic digital painter, virtual reality sculptor and graffiti muralist.

Moved by his experiences with psychedelics, personal development, and self-inquiry, Ayjay works with art as a vehicle

of communicating the truth of his experiences in the most honest and direct way possible.

Carrying his visions, teachings and insights back to the people


By tapping into the divine flow of imagination he is able to draw, sculpt, and paint windows into other dimensions.

His artworks stimulate the opening the heart and mind and expand what is possible for all of us as spiritual beings.

Committed to a lifelong journey of art, he learns from and collaborates with visionary art, spiritual and psychedelic communities from around the world in an effort to consciously create and live in a way that deepens his inner and outer connections with spirit. 

His works have been exhibited among widely revered artists such as Chris Dyer, Luis Tamani, Mifsud, Scott Tuckfield, Luke Schroeder, Trent Kuhn and many others. He has links to the Australian festival culture and has been invited to exhibit his work in conjunction with such festivals as Rainbow Serpent and Esoteric.


With a thirst to expand his creative potential, Ayjay has workshopped with artists Jake Kobrin, Jonathan Solter and 

worked collaboratively on artworks with Ben Ridgeway, Glass Crane, Symmetric Vision, and Steven Haman creating show visuals for the musician Tipper.



"I create art in an effort to guide both myself and others to the divine light within and promote the expansion of what is possible as a human being. Guided by my intuition, I open myself up to universal creative spirit and through my own inner and psychedelic connections, bring back vibrant visions of truth. 

I devote my life to developing myself in every way possible and use art as my tool to connect with people on a deeper level. I want you to see what I have seen and to feel what I have felt. I aim to capture the uplifting moments of my life and immortalise them in the artworks I create.”


Full Bio


​Born and raised on the south coast of Australia,  from a very young age Ayjay was intrigued by art and its creative possibilities. His early drawings were of sci-fi and cartoon characters that featured in popular TV shows he would watch as a child and daydream about the fantasies they portrayed.

In his early teenage years, art was present however rarely practiced, until one night he was invited by a group of friends to join them on a graffiti outing. The fusion of art and adventure invigorated his creative drive and now armed with a purpose to be seen, set out for the next 7 years making his mark on public spaces. His graffiti career was cut short after being charged and convicted of crimes surrounding his deteriorating lifestyle. During his prison sentence, Ayjay discovered how his thoughts and actions had shaped his life up until this point and decided nothing he was currently pursuing was worth a lifetime behind bars and unhappiness. Shortly before his prison release in 2009, he made the decision to start working towards a better life for himself and the people around him replacing fear with love. 

Years of self-development followed for Ayjay and in 2014 he was formally introduced to the psychedelic experience and what was to be the beginning of a lifelong spiritual journey. Up until that night, Ayjay had only speculation of the divine mechanics behind his life but after being completely held in an entheogenic embrace, he was shown beyond the veil of reality and saw his limitless human potential. 


That love, beauty and belonging he felt during his experience is what he now works towards recreating in his artworks. Establishing a deeper connection with his internal world is now a daily practice carrying his spirit to higher places.


As his artistic practice has matured Ayjay has since moved away from spray painting artworks and has shifted his focus on creating his work digitally. He uses a range of illustration programs to compose his work and being completely self-taught uses his intuition to guide his progression and artistic directions.


In 2019 Ayjay started exploring alternative art forms and decided to build a PC with the intention of creating art in VR (Virtual Reality) an artificial reality he believes in many ways shares similarities to the psychedelic experience. With enthusiasm to experiment, he has worked at fine-tuning his skills as a VR artist and has ambitions of building vast psychedelic environments for a fully immersive experience for his viewers.

The greatest artwork we can paint is that of our lives, serving as a true inspiration to ourselves and each other. Ayjay is continuing to spiritually develop in ways that create a deeper and more honest connection with his mind, body, spirit and intends to reveal his findings through the artwork he creates.

Artist CV
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