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Title | 'Candy Cave'

Size | 118cm x 80cm 


I smothered an entire house in colour, 54 Bland Street, Port Kembla, NSW

Signed Limited editions / 50 Prints In total

'Candy Cave' | Signed Canvas Print



    The canvas material used is made from a blend of strong man-made fibres. This means they are guaranteed not to deteriorate (unlike cotton canvas material which deteriorate over time). It is incredibly strong, does not sag in humid weather conditions and does not require re-stretching.

    When printing artwork, the canvas material we use is textured to imitate a painted look, like oils and watercolours. For photographic work we use a finer grade of material to give a smooth look. All canvas used has UV block out properties so it is resistant to the sun’s UV rays.




    The highest quality UV resistant inks archival are used. Their archival properties mean they can last for up to 120 years before they begin to fade.




    The frames are made out of kiln dried timber. They are carefully constructed with bevelled edges which prevents ghosting (ghosting occurs when you can see the frame faintly through the canvas).

    I use strong corner supports especially on large frames and use strong industrial glue as well as staples to secure the frame pieces together, which means your canvas will be strong and durable.




    The reproductions are printed on the latest state-of-the-art wide format commercial printers, which produce strong, sharp image quality and accurate colour reproduction.

    The printing process is heat supported, and it fixates the colours deeply into the canvas fibres producing a matte, clear image which is rich in colour.




    When you receive your canvas I can provide you with Care Guidelines to help you care for your canvas. 

  • To ensure your artwork arrives safely it is sent directly from the manafacturing facility to you, in perfect condition. 

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