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Visionary Art  / Spirit Molecule

'Spirit Molecule' DMT Art by Ayjay.png

The idea behind this artwork was to create a POV (point of view) of the psychedelic experience directly relating to dimethyltryptamine.

The creation of this DMT art is my expression and integration from my very first encounter with what is referred to by many as the Spirit Molecule. 

There are many references to my trip in the artwork, below is a number of the subjects you can see and how they relate to my DMT experience. 

Melting cubes: I was immersed in an alternate reality that was filled with melting cubes that were constantly moving and shifting. 

Earth: You will notice that the globe in the artwork has Australia facing forward this is a reference to where the trip took place and where I call home. 

Flames: Laying back and closing my eyes I saw a series of flames flash and flick past my eyes. The rolling fires moved back and forth behind my eyelids creating a mesmerizing display of warmth and beauty.  

Buddha: The two buddhas you can find in the artwork were referenced from an actual statue gifted to me prior to and for my DMT experience. My friend shared with me how the statue would aid in guiding my journey in a loving and peaceful direction. 

Heart: The two yellow hearts you can see are symbolic of divine love. Above the hearts, you can see the artwork intertwining and move upwards this resembles lifting our hearts up into divine love and being. 


After the dust settled I remembered thinking.

I’ll never forget that night.

An experience that left me nothing short of speechless.

The origin of everything. A space filled with an undeniable knowing. An intelligence far beyond all comprehension. There was nowhere I needed to be except right there. First came confusion then, I let go...

Nothing but pure love, a spiritual dance that revealed the true beauty of existence and what it means to be alive. The everything of nothingness.

Impossible to explain. A beautiful experience is hidden in the shadows of the world. You can’t find it, it has a way of finding you.

This DMT artwork was created specifically for Pacha Moma Gallery in Mexico. Spirit Molecule is now part of a permanent collection of visionary art featuring the world's best psychedelic artists from around the globe.


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