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This artwork was created in celebration of bicycle day and is dedicated to the Swiss father of psychedelic medicine. On the 19th of April 1943, Albert Hofmann intentionally dosed himself with lysergic acid diethyl-amide and went on a bike ride, becoming the first human to ever trip on acid.

Hofmann had successfully synthesised LSD in his lab and dedicated his life to revealing its true potential and applications to the human mind.

I have included many references to Alberts first trip on LSD in the artwork, below is a number of the subjects you can see and how they relate to his trio experience. 

Bike: A reference to that unforgettable journey from the Swiss lab to Albert’s home.

Dolphins: Illustrating how bizarre and unpredictable the psychedelic can really be. These dolphins don’t shoot water, they shoot rainbows.

Cunning Face: At a glance, you can see menacing faces that are symbolic of how trips can take a turn just like what was experienced by Albert Hoffman.

Mandala: The mandala-like arrangement you can see in the sky is an expression of the intensity of the trip. Expanding outwards and consuming reality as we know it.




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