Cosmic Corridors - DMT ARt

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This is it, the swift transition into the unknown void moments before you are swallowed up whole. You have paid your price for admission and you are now awaiting your arrival. This is the space between the material world and the expansive unfolding of the connected consciousness. 


Look around and you will see a furnished room, now electrified with a pulsing field of energy beneath and around you. It’s got you now but that’s ok. Relax, breathe deeply, and let the experience wash over you, cleansing what needs most attention. Pay attention as you make your way through and beyond the Cosmic Corridors. 


This artwork was my first attempt at one point perspective however I have used two vanishing points. My aim is to give the viewer a choice of travel, there are many realms and reformulations, some only seen once. The all-seeing orb has made its first appearance in this artwork, staring down the viewer. They mean no intimidation at least for the parts of us that are purified. 




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