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This mentoring program is designed to facilitate the rapid expansion of passionate artists.

"I help artists build clarity around their offerings, focus on what's important

and create a relationship with art that is imbued with spirit"



This is rare opportunity to work one-on-one with Australian visionary artist Ayjay and

call on his unique knowledge and experience. This program is aimed to asses your current situation as an artist honestly, and start to understand and implement key steps that will assist in growing your offering and artistic ability.

This program is designed to suit the participating artist in a way that serves them best. Any and all skills levels are welcome but there is a requirement before you apply. A commitment to consciously applying yourself to the program in a way that will maximise what is possible during your time with Ayjay.

What is included...

  • Weekly online zoom calls with Ayjay (one-on-one)

  • Strategic advice on how to Start / Grow your art business 

  • Techniques to unlock new levels of creativity

  • Steps to enhancing your spiritual connection with the art you create

  • Full access to members portal & resources

  • Actionable plan to achieving your desired outcome



This program is a 6 month commitment consisting of weekly online zoom meetings.

All meetings are tailored to you and your life for complete flexibility. 


Lets make this clear... ANYONE is welcome to apply for the program. This is an open space for real, honest interactions with nothing but empowerment as the highest priority.

The key consideration for applying is knowing that your calling in life is art, regardless of where you are at on that journey. 


"This is an opportunity for me to share my years of creative experience with artists that are eager to learn and express a willingness to grow. I make an ongoing effort to surround myself with people that live with passion and purpose and they are the conscious creators I am calling on to apply for this program.


Remember, this is a collaboration of souls we are talking about here. 

Ayjay is here to fully support you through this process and committed to your expansion as an artist. By applying you are acknowledging your readiness to take the next step for you and your practice. 

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