Celestial Stairway

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Last piece for the year and just in the nick of time! .
A large number of my inward journeys start at some sort of a staircase that I am then chauffeured up and welcomed into a foreign reality.

The open arms signify the invitation to explore and the tunnel at the top of the stairs must be traveled in order to breakthrough. What’s on the other side? I can’t give you the answer to that question because I’m still piecing that puzzle together. I’m in no rush to figure it out and it may never happen. You only need one good look at this place to have a curiosity that will last a lifetime.

The eyes in this piece have been referenced from my own and stand as the consciousness of the psychedelic experience. Something is always in there with you even if it is eluding your eyes. You can feel it. A divine intelligence that bestows a knowing that can only be borrowed for a short while. You must hand it back before you return.

I open my eyes and there I am, back in the room except I am still connected to the space. Bit by bit I hand back all the information I have been given and am filled with nothing but gratitude for the privilege of such an experience.

“Thank you” I say, and pledge to take all necessary steps to untangle the mind and body. For not all get to walk in wonder and what a gift it really is.




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