Title | 'Spirit Molecule'


Tapestry Dimensions | 

Large - 60" x 51" Inches 


Description | 


"I’ll never forget that night.

An experience that left me nothing short of speechless.


The origin of everything. A space filled with an undeniable knowing. An intelligence far beyond all comprehension. There was nowhere I needed to be except right there. First came confusion then, I let go...


Nothing but pure love, a spiritual dance that revealed the true beauty of existence and what it means to be alive. The everything of nothingness.

Impossible to explain. A beautiful experience hidden in the shadows of the world. You can’t find it, it has a way of finding you."


Ayjay created this artwork specifically for Pacha Moma Gallery In Mexico.

This piece is now part of a permanent collection of visionary art from artists around the globe. 


'Spirit Molecule' DMT - Wall Tapestry

  • Tapestry Dimensions – Please see description


    • 100% lightweight polyester
    • Detailed wall art print produced with quality vivid inks
    • Enhance your trips : ) 
  • We pride ourselves on artwork arriving safely.

    We will provide you with a tracking number once your order has been packed & shipped, Thank you! 

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