Title | Esoteric 

Mediuim | Lenticular print / Art Coasters


**LIMITED EDITION** 25 Packs in total


Trip your guests out with this set of psychedelic art coasters. 

Pack includes 4 limited edition art coasters and to spice it up I have also added 1 rare art coaster to 8 packs and they will be selected and sent at random. See 2nd video to view.


The tops of the coasters are 100% waterproof but please take care with the bottoms as they have been printed from the base of the coaster : ) 


Background music in clips - Tipper 

Esoteric - Art Coasters (4 Pack)

    • Limited Edition - 1/25 packs
    • Size 9cm
    • 4 x Art Coasters
    • Chance of finding 1 rare art coaster in pack
    • Trippy as hell 


  • We invest in the way products are shipped to make sure your artwork arrives on time and damage free. 

Psychedelic Art Store / Ayjay

Ayjay's Art store

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