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Title | 'Carved from Colour'

Subject | Michelangelo's David


This artwork was created with the intention of adding vibrancy to a statue that has stood colourless since its creation between 1501 and 1504. Respect paid to artistic genius Michelangelo and the sculpture that to this day stands as one of man’s true feats in artistic endeavours.


This artwork was painted live during the ‘Sculptures at Killalea’ festival that attracted over 20,000 people. The mural was completed in one day and exhibited for the reaminder of festival.

'Carved from Colour' | Original Artwork

  • Artwork Dimensions - 2.4m x 2.4m 

    This artwork is an original piece and has been hand painted by Ayjay using only aersosol paint.

    The artwork is fixed to a solid wooden frame and is ready to be mounted in your desired location.

  • To ensure your artwork arrives safely, we can organise delivery if you are unable to pick it up. Please note due to the size of this piece delivery will be calculated seperatly depending on the location of the drop off.

    For more info please email - 

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