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Title | 'Sacred Heart'


A subject that was chosen not for religious views but as a chance to reintroduce a classic depiction of one of the most recognisable faces on earth. This vector is one of the most complex I have designed and to this day remains one I still cherish.


I find great power in the eyes of the subjects I create. The gaze of Jesus seems to look beyond you, to something internal. At least this is the vibe I get when I look upon this piece.


Take a moment and just look into his eyes. Do you see what I am talking about?

Jesus Christ

  • Ayjay's vector artwork is digitally printed on high grade metallic photographic paper to ensure a crisp bright finish.

    All prints come complete with a white framing mat and sturdy backing board, all packaged neatly in plastic sleeve.  

    Your print can be opened up and dropped straight into a frame ready to hang. 

  • To ensure your artwork arrives safely it will be sent in a heavy duty cardboard envelope so you can count on your order arriving in perfect condition. 

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