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Visionary Art  / Labyrinth

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The creative Labyrinth opens up, revealing it’s endless possibilities and directions. 

Our aim as artists is to enter the Labyrinth and bring back visual keys to open up divine doorways and eyes of the world's imagination. The seeing of the unseen. 


The 10 eyes span out in an effort to form themselves into something recognisable. Some may see a face, others a creature. The city silhouette off in the distance resembles the idea of pushing through the vastness of this space and not being creatively overwhelmed. The city is the constructed, the actualised artwork. 

We see deeply but can only carry so much in an effort of exiting this mesmerising mind maze. 


Labyrinth // Dictionary Meaning 

A complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one’s way... a maze.

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