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Spirit Molecule - DMT Art Prints

Spirit Molecule art prints are now available!!.

This artwork was based on my first experience with DMT and psychedelics in general. Its almost impossible to recreate what happens in there but this print is my first attempt at creating DMT art. Prints are available in two options signed and unsigned. 

Wall Tapestries Now Available!!

"Intellectual Utopia' wall tapestries are currently available for pre-order! The perfect psychedelic addition to your home, office or creative space!


Wall Art available in 3 sizes! 

Psychedelic Art Sticker Packs!

** New Sticker Pack Release **

'Galacticans' sticker packs have landed!

Each pack contains 5 psychedelic sprays can stickers printed on premium materials. These stickers are perfect for your laptop, Skateboard, Journal, fridge just about anywhere!


All sticker packs are shipped the day after your order has been placed. 

Now Available!!

** New Art Poster Release **

'Drift Away' psychedelic art poster is now available for pre-order!

Ayjay created this artwork around sensory deprivation tanks collaboration with Cocoon floating in Wollongong. 


All posters are personally hand signed by Ayjay. 

New original artwork for sale!

'Internal Framework' original artwork by Ayjay is now up for sale in the psychedelic store!

This piece was created as part of the group exhibition 'Locals on Board' held at Wollongong Art Gallery.



All original artworks are personally hand signed by Ayjay and shipped with care. 

'Entheo' Art Poster OUT NOW!

** New Art Poster Release **

'Entheo' psychedelic art poster is now available!

All posters are hand signed by Ayjay and posted within 2 business days of your order being placed. A tracking number will be supplied for your convenience and peace of mind. 

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